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Base: Artisan, Gardens, Laboratory, Library, Market, Mine, Poacher, Sentry, Village, Workshop.

Name Expansion Type Cost Text
Artisan Base Action 6 Gain a card to your hand costing up to 5 Coins.
Put a card from your hand onto your deck.
Gardens Base Victory 4 Worth 1 Victory Point for every 10 cards you have (rounded down).
Laboratory Base Action 5 +2 Cards
+1 Action
Library Base Action 5 Draw until you have 7 cards in hand, skipping any Action cards you choose to; set those aside, discarding them afterwards.
Market Base Action 5 +1 Card
+1 Action
+1 Buy
+1 Coin
Mine Base Action 5 You may trash a Treasure from your hand. Gain a Treasure to your hand costing up to 3 Coins more than it.
Poacher Base Action 4 +1 Card
+1 Action
+1 Coin
Discard a card per empty Supply pile.
Sentry Base Action 5 +1 Card
+1 Action
Look at the top 2 cards of your deck. Trash and/or discard any number of them. Put the rest back on top in any order.
Village Base Action 3 +1 Card
+2 Actions
Workshop Base Action 3 Gain a card costing up to 4 Coins.