Invisibility Cloak
by Jay Lorch and Michelle Teague
This puzzle was the team's T-shirts. See below for an image of what was on the back of each shirt.

These invisibility cloaks are an important part of the Cloak Ritual. This ritual takes six days and requires seven people named Ann Ramon, Balthus Sundewed, Cal Thundersun, Desmond Tuelsun, Edmond the Cowed, Fay Monsen, and Godfried Thurmon. Each of these seven participants should wear his or her own cloak.

To prepare for the ritual: Everyone should lie face-down such that all eight connections described on the back of the cloak are formed. For instance, Edmond the Cowed's right hand should be in contact with Godfried Thurmon's big red dot. Once everyone is in position this way, no one should move for the duration of the entire six-day ritual.

The ritual: At sunrise each day, some of the seven people will activate their cloaks and become invisible that day. To decide whether to activate your cloak on any given day, consider your full name and which day of the ritual it is.